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The Sixth Metropolitan Waterwork Authority’s Master Plan (2023-2027)

We analyzed the business landscape for waterwork, evaluated the values and future impacts of projects 9 and 10 for the Metropolitan Waterwork Authority, and provided recommendations for related future business, including proforma statements and valuations.

Project for Reorganizing the Company’s Organizational Structure for Exponential Growth

We evaluated PKP Market’s current organizational structure and offered recommendations on establishing a holding company to oversee their swine feed, swine farm, slaughterhouse, and fresh meat market businesses, ensuring financial feasibility.

Telecom Industry External Factor Analysis for Master Plan (2019-2023)

We conducted an analysis of Thailand’s Telecommunication Master Plan (2019-2023) for the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), delivering recommendations based on PESTEL, SWOT, and GAP Analysis.

Project for Analysis and Evaluation of the Success of Automated Mail Processing Machines

We analyzed and evaluated the performance of 10 pilot automated mail processing machines across 7 districts in Bangkok and its vicinity for Thailand Post, providing recommendations for further enhancements.

Consultant’s Project: Evaluating Past Performance and Future Directions of ITRC and IRCo

We assessed the historical performance for the International Rubber Consortium (IRCo) and recommended strategies for existing mechanisms influencing natural rubber prices.

Project for Key Account Management and Planning

Developed human capital strategies at Zoetis, targeting both executive and operational levels to manage, retain, and enhance revenue from key account customers.

Project for Development of Electronic System for Revenue Cycle Management

Created an electronic revenue cycle management system at Genomeseq, streamlining administrative and clinical functions to optimize the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue.

Project for Eastern Economic Corridor One Stop Service (EEC-OSS) Management (Project Management Office: PMO)

Managed the EEC-OSS system for the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), overseeing approvals, consents, and licenses under the 8 laws in section 43 of the EEC Act B.E. 2561.

Project for Customer Journey and Customer Satisfaction System Development

Developed a customer journey system for Sukhumvit Asset Management (SAM) to map out the entire customer journey, pinpointing key touchpoints impacting decision-making. Additionally, implemented a system for customer satisfaction analysis, identifying pain points and opportunities for enhancing products and services.

Project for Drafting SEZ Establishment Rules, Regulations, Procedures, and Providing EEC-OSS Approval Services

Formulated draft rules, regulations, procedures, and conditions for the establishment and management of special economic zones for the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), and provided one-stop services for approvals, consents, and licenses under the 8 laws in section 43 of the EEC Act B.E. 2561.

Project for Bank Performance and Efficiency under the Disruptive Environment

Evaluated the performance and efficiency of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) in a disruptive environment, assessing impacts on performance and enhancing the bank’s value proposition using the Job to Be Done (JTBD) concept.

Hospital and Military Medical Administration Program : Disruptive Innovation for Value Excellence

Developed human capital for the Naval Medical Department by enhancing capabilities, fostering awareness of the modern business landscape and operations, identifying business opportunities, and improving leadership and strategic decision-making skills in a disruptive environment.

Risk Management Project in Life Insurance Industry under Disruptive Environment

Provided training services for Thai Life Insurance executives to broaden their awareness of disruptive technologies and the processes and procedures in risk management, focusing on the emerging landscape of InsurTech in a disruptive environment.

Agile Team: The Silo Killer

Provided training services to enhance management skills for executives at Nippo Mechatronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. using the Agile framework, through lectures and workshops aimed at integrating Agile principles alongside traditional management approaches.

Modern Business Operation as Professional Entrepreneurs

Provided training services to enhance management skills for executives at Nippo Mechatronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. using the Agile framework, through lectures and workshops aimed at integrating Agile principles alongside traditional management approaches.

Project for Business Plan Formulation, Customer Satisfaction System Development, and Key Success Factor Identification in a Disruptive Environment

Developed a comprehensive marketing and business strategy for Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital, focusing on personalized healthcare services, established an advanced customer satisfaction system, and pinpointed crucial business success factors in a rapidly evolving, disruptive environment.

Project for 5-year Strategy Formulation and Customer Journey and Customer Transaction Management System Development

Evaluated the potential and demand for healthcare services utilizing disruptive technology at Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital, developed customer journey and transaction management systems, and crafted a 5-year strategic plan to align with future healthcare trends and patient needs.

Research for Developing Prototype Platform for Big Data Management : Finz Pork

For the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), we designed and developed an advanced prototype platform aimed at significantly improving swine farm management efficiency. This innovative platform leverages cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology, integrated with a sophisticated low power wide area network (LPWAN), to facilitate seamless data collection, monitoring, and management processes in agricultural environments.

Challenges and Opportunities from Disruptive Technology for Insurance Business

Provided strategic consultation to the Thai General Insurance Association, guiding business direction and refining business processes to effectively prepare and adapt for the emerging challenges and opportunities presented by disruptive technologies in the insurance sector.

Turning Corporate Strategy into Execution

Undertook a comprehensive evaluation of human resource potentials and capabilities at Zoetis, in collaboration with CPF, aiming to identify and develop strategic initiatives. This detailed assessment was designed to propel organizational growth, enhance employee skills, and align human resources with evolving business objectives in the dynamic market landscape.

Project for Developing Strategic Thinking Process For Executives

Conducted an in-depth evaluation of executive potential at Muang Thai Insurance PLC, aiming to identify, nurture, and enhance leadership capabilities. This process was geared towards equipping executives with the skills and insights necessary for navigating and excelling in the rapidly evolving landscape of the insurance industry, ensuring readiness and adaptability for future challenges and opportunities.

Business decision under disruptive environment: a new risk perspective

Evaluated human resource potentials at e-Merchant Co., Ltd., focusing on developing advanced problem-solving skills and enhancing the decision-making process to effectively handle diverse and challenging circumstances. This comprehensive assessment aimed at empowering the workforce with critical thinking and strategic agility in a dynamic business environment.

Gulf Metering Station & Block Valve (TGS1, TGS2, TGS3, TGS4 & CNG)

Developed and installed an advanced electricity system for Gulf, encompassing automation and control features, designed under the principles of disruptive innovation to enhance operational efficiency and adaptability in a rapidly evolving energy sector.

Project for Establishing and Managing 2nd Public and Private Partnership of the 2 Industrial Public Deep Sea Port

Conducted a comprehensive evaluation of project valuation and feasibility for the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT). This included a thorough study to explore the possibilities of expanding the 2nd industrial deep sea port under public and private partnership (PPP) laws. The aim was to align with the 20-year national strategic plan, coupled with developing a strategic land usage plan within the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), a special economic zone. This involved market sounding to ensure optimal utilization and alignment with long-term economic goals.

Project for Evaluating Public Relation Performance and Promotion of Safety Campaign in Using Road Transport

Formulated a public relation strategic plan for the Department of Land Transport, utilizing data from previous public relation performances, with a focus on promoting road transport safety and considering the implications of disruptive technology. This strategy aimed to enhance public awareness and engagement, ensuring a safer transportation environment in the evolving technological landscape.

Research for the Provision of Agricultural Futures in Thailand

Imposed strategies for the provision of agricultural futures at Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) in alignment with the National Strategy (Thailand 4.0), and conducted a thorough evaluation of the market potential for agricultural futures. This strategic approach aimed to capitalize on emerging market trends and align with national economic goals.

In-depth Market Research 2016: Enhancing Quality and Efficiency in Business Operations and Electricity Quality for Excellence

Evaluated the service quality and business operations of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), and recommended an organizational structure reconfiguration to adapt to evolving customer needs under the concept of disruptive innovation. This aimed to align MEA’s services more closely with market dynamics and customer expectations.

UPS system for cell site

Developed and installed a backup battery system for remote cell sites at Advance Info Service (AIS), aiming to boost efficiency and optimize business processes. This initiative focused on enhancing network reliability and operational effectiveness in remote areas.

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